San Diego Senior Session // Megan

"Babysitting" this girl (aka playing with her while her mom worked at home) was my first job way back in middle school. She was 3 or 4 years old when I started, and now she's in her senior year of high school and making plans for college next fall! I feel... old. ;)

Megan, it was a privilege to photograph you at this incredible milestone in your life. You are such a beautiful and classy young woman, and I just love seeing what a wonderful person you have turned out to be. I know your parents must be so incredibly proud of you! 

San Diego Senior Photos | Christina

I love senior photos. I remember how excited I was as an 18 year old, approaching graduation and getting ready to head to college in the fall. No matter the path young adults take - college or military or work or whatever - it's still an exciting time full of unknowns and expectations. It's a time that is absolutely worth celebrating, and I love getting to photograph it!

But now, well, I have kids, and I'm starting to also see this from a totally different perspective. I know it's far away for me still, but now I don't just see the excitement, I see the parents watching their babies leave the nest and become independent and often move far away, and there's a very bittersweet side to it as well. Seeing this side and picturing myself about 14 years from now - well, let's just say I congratulate all of you parents who are handling this gracefully!

Christina - you were a joy to photograph! You are such a lovely young lady, and I wish you a college experience full of growth and learning and fun and friendship. :)

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Fairytale Senior Photos | Alisha

Several months ago (well, more than several...) I took my sister out to do some photos in this gorgeous dress that she made and wore to her senior prom. We did her more traditional senior photos last year so she had them for her yearbook and announcements (you can see them here), and this time around we just had fun showing off her creative side and her skills as a seamstress. I hope you enjoy these fairytale-like photos as much as I have. While I love every session, it's always fun to throw in a shoot that is just about being creative and keeping things fresh and new!