boise idaho film photographer // the wickstrand family

We know that family is hard, often every day, but gosh, it’s good too. It’s really, really good.

And there’s no untangling the good from the hard - they’re just stuck together, at least as long as we’re living these earthly lives. But so much of the hard is exactly what makes the good all that much sweeter, and teaches us to love so much better and more deeply. Because nothing highly treasured ever comes easily. No, it’s the sacrifice that love and life together requires, and the denial of self and the endless work of it all that makes this whole thing we call family as beautiful, wonderful, and valuable as it really is.

What is love when it’s easy? Well, nothing nearly as incredible as it is when it’s hard.

P.S. I do believe that tight hugs around the neck from tiny little arms are one of the sweetest experiences life has to offer.

Film + digital / film is Portra 400 scanned by The Find Lab

meridian idaho photographer // family photos on the boise river

We’re at the end of a gorgeous autumn right now, but I’m trying to sneak in a few more summer sessions before I’ve really waited a ridiculously long time to post them. ;) This mama and her boys… well, all I can really say is that boys who love their mamas are one of my favorite things to photograph. I probably make that statement about everything I photograph, because I am in love with this whole job of course, but truly, seeing boys who love and respect their mothers is something that makes me feel all the feelings. Here’s to strong, tender women raising strong, tender boys. Enjoy all the love and that golden light and the cottonwood fluff falling like summertime snow.

These photos are a mix of digital and Fuji400h scanned and developed by TheFINDlab.