meridian film photographer // motherhood studio session

This motherhood studio session was a part of a giveaway I teamed up with some amazing ladies for, and I couldn’t love these images more! This mother-son duo was just the sweetest, and these images will forever show the bond that they share with each other and the tenderness of this stage in their lives together.

Hair: Katie Boswell // Makeup: Behrens Artistry

P.S. Professional makeup by Behrens Artistry is part of all of my packages now! If you’re interested in photos, you will absolutely love having your makeup taken care of by a professional, in the comfort of your own home. Get in touch for details!

rainbows // boise family photography on film

My favorite photos I take of my family are quite different than what I take for my clients. They’re just… fun. And us. And really imperfect and relaxed. They’re exactly what I want them to be though: memories made with these precious children of mine, and reminders of the immense ways my husband and I have been blessed in having them entrusted to us.

These random scenes from springtime are all shot on various film stocks and cameras, developed and scanned by PhotoVision.

boise idaho film photographer // the wickstrand family

We know that family is hard, often every day, but gosh, it’s good too. It’s really, really good.

And there’s no untangling the good from the hard - they’re just stuck together, at least as long as we’re living these earthly lives. But so much of the hard is exactly what makes the good all that much sweeter, and teaches us to love so much better and more deeply. Because nothing highly treasured ever comes easily. No, it’s the sacrifice that love and life together requires, and the denial of self and the endless work of it all that makes this whole thing we call family as beautiful, wonderful, and valuable as it really is.

What is love when it’s easy? Well, nothing nearly as incredible as it is when it’s hard.

P.S. I do believe that tight hugs around the neck from tiny little arms are one of the sweetest experiences life has to offer.

Film + digital / film is Portra 400 scanned by The Find Lab