rainbows // boise family photography on film

My favorite photos I take of my family are quite different than what I take for my clients. They’re just… fun. And us. And really imperfect and relaxed. They’re exactly what I want them to be though: memories made with these precious children of mine, and reminders of the immense ways my husband and I have been blessed in having them entrusted to us.

These random scenes from springtime are all shot on various film stocks and cameras, developed and scanned by PhotoVision.

boise film photographer // fall

Right after getting married, Justin and I moved from San Diego to Pittsburgh for two years so he could get his masters. Pittsburgh never felt like home and we never planned to stay, but it ruined us for fall. We had real seasons for the first time, and those few blissful weeks in September and October where the sun shone (the only few weeks the sun shone in Pittsburgh) and we drank cider and watched the leaves change and visited the pumpkin patch and felt the urgency to live before winter set in - well, every year since leaving, I’ve ached all autumn. It’s been something I’ve missed down to my bones.

But fall in Boise this year was absolute heaven. In Pittsburgh it was nice; in Idaho it’s been glorious. We soaked up every moment of it, and I spent weeks riding a high despite some very stressful and intense things going on behind the scenes. It was magic.

There was no way I was going to miss capturing my own family in this heavenly season, and though I did that plenty, I honestly wish I had done even a little more. ;) But the good thing is, as always, fall will be back next year, and until then we get to enjoy the beautiful snow all winter, and then the incredible flowering trees in spring, and the sunshiny green heat of summer. I do firmly believe that seasons are so good for the soul - and they definitely help to fuel my creative side as well, for which I am so grateful.

Photos were shot on a mix of Fuji 400h, Portra 400, and digital.

best news ever!!! // boise idaho family videographer!

So, I told you all on Instagram a few days ago that I had some super exciting news coming your way, and here it is!!! (I could’ve put about fifty exclamation points in there and it still might not do my giddiness justice.) I’m now offering family videography services!

I have no desire at this specific time to do wedding videos (those are huge projects!) but these kinds of videos can be added onto a session or purchased alone, and to me are just the best thing ever. I made this video of my boys and myself at home on an afternoon when Adelaide was at school and Justin was at work, and I will truly treasure this forever. I can visualize all of the incredible moments I will get to document for you all - your tiny newborn’s little grunts and coos, your toddling baby toppling over and getting back up again and again and again, your little one’s sweet voice and mispronounced words, quiet or crazy moments in your home or your favorite place to be together, adventures with your lover - the everyday experiences all wrapped up into this treasure that you can play on repeat forever. My photography services are going nowhere - I love photography! - but video can capture something pretty incredible that photos just can’t.

And the good thing is, your videos will be even BETTER than this one because you don’t have to take the video of yourself like I was doing here. ;) (Actually, I had my husband come help me re-shoot some clips I wasn’t satisfied with and he did great, so I have to give him credit for that!)

I made my mom cry with this and she’s not even a big crier. So just imagine how you’ll feel when this is your own beloveds on video. I think you’ll be obsessed, just like I am with this.

To celebrate this, don’t forget to enter the giveaway posted on my Instagram! Yay!!!!