meridian family photographer // the costa family

A message that’s been on my mind lately is this: You are enough. You are enough. You are enough.

And it might feel strange, but I honestly want you to speak that aloud to yourself, using your own name: as in, “Hannah is enough.” I have been listening to Brooke Schultz’s Heartful podcast lately and her episode on creative meditation gets into the power of speaking to yourself in third person as a method of encouragement and confidence building. It’s not her own claim - it’s backed by studies that show its power.

And yeah, it feels really weird. But it also feels really good. And I hope you can try it - just take a few moments and tell yourself, in the third person, that you’re enough. Or that you’re creative, or talented, or intelligent, or whatever it is that might be nagging at you as lacking, or all of those things.

Pride, in the form of arrogance, selfishness, putting yourself above others, or tearing others down, will never get any of us anywhere.

But actually building yourself up and believing good things about yourself allows you freedom to take risks and create and succeed, and in turn help others do the same.

This feels like possibly the most random post I’ve ever written, but it felt right today. Now go take a few minutes and try this (ever single day), and also go listen to Brooke’s podcasts - I can guarantee both are worth your time! ;)

Photos are a mix of film and digital.

boise film photographer // the johnson family

I had such a lovely time photographing this family of four - Jennifer, the mom, owns a thriving photography studio in Las Vegas and her husband manages one of my favorite restaurants in the city, Fork. I also did a video session for their family, which you can find on my videography page or at the bottom of this post! We did this session just as fall was starting to take hold of the valley and the greens and hints of orange and gold here are so incredibly dreamy. I hope you enjoy!

Photos are a mix of digital and Portra 400, scanned and developed by The Find Lab.

boise family photographer // autumn mornings at home

This sweet friend of mine and I met on Instagram (random, but actually where I’ve met some of my absolute favorite people!), and she moved here with her husband and their children shortly after I did. When fall came around and they’d settled into their new house in one of my favorite neighborhoods, we both knew we needed to document this incredibly special stage in their lives. Her girls are close to my kids, and so I included a couple photos of my boys (who tagged along to this shoot with me) with them at the end. All the love for this wonderful family!

Photos are a mix of digital and Fuji 400h, developed and scanned by The Find Lab.