boise film photographer // growing up

I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy seeing the same families year after year and watching their children grow. My sessions with this mother are always so special to me because her boys aren’t all that young anymore, and so many families stop prioritizing photos once their children are past their littlest years. But the thing is that they’re still changing, the memories are still being made, and they’re still our ‘babies’ even if they are even in fact teenagers. Don’t stop documenting these years with your children. Sure, it might not look like airplanes and kisses and snuggles like it did when they were babies or toddlers, but it’s tender glances, heads on shoulders, and portraits that give a glimpse of the men and women they’re quickly becoming.

I nearly died of happiness when I saw the colors in the scans from PhotoVision! Fuji400h as always.