San Diego Senior Photos | Christina

I love senior photos. I remember how excited I was as an 18 year old, approaching graduation and getting ready to head to college in the fall. No matter the path young adults take - college or military or work or whatever - it's still an exciting time full of unknowns and expectations. It's a time that is absolutely worth celebrating, and I love getting to photograph it!

But now, well, I have kids, and I'm starting to also see this from a totally different perspective. I know it's far away for me still, but now I don't just see the excitement, I see the parents watching their babies leave the nest and become independent and often move far away, and there's a very bittersweet side to it as well. Seeing this side and picturing myself about 14 years from now - well, let's just say I congratulate all of you parents who are handling this gracefully!

Christina - you were a joy to photograph! You are such a lovely young lady, and I wish you a college experience full of growth and learning and fun and friendship. :)

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