Hey, friend!

I'm Hannah. I am a photographer in Boise, Idaho, where I live with my favorite guy ever and our three little ones who keep us tired, crazy, and happier than we could imagine. I started my post-college life as a software engineer, but it didn't take long to figure out that connecting with people is what makes my world go round, and my photography business was born not too long after my second baby. 

I could sit down and tell you all about what I think my photography style is, or what kinds of drinks and hobbies I enjoy, or what my favorite TV shows are. All of that is fun, but honestly, it really doesn't matter.

But I'll tell you something that does matter:

I believe that the sweetest memories are made of warm hugs, tender kisses, enduring friendship, and lives lived simply together.

I believe that the the richest lives are the ones filled to bursting with love.

I believe that "living your best life" is being honest, kind, and courageous - and embracing your wonderful, perfectly imperfect self.

I believe that the greatest accomplishments are most often the diapers you change, or the hands you hold, the meals you cook, the moments you speak or act in kindness even when you don't feel it - the sacrificial love shown to those around you.

I believe that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and colors, and family is what you make it. 

I find a deep, incredible joy in preserving sweet memories, and capturing those nuanced emotions that a simple posed snapshot can never hold. I live for the small moments, the ones that are actually so big and tell a story full of tenderness and history and depth and intimacy.

I want you to remember how it all looked, and how beautiful it was - but even more I want you to remember how it felt

We get one shot at this life, and I believe in living it fully, treasuring it deeply, and remembering it always.

If you want photographs that tell your authentic story and that reach a place in your soul that only love can, I'm your girl. XO.

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P.S. I travel back to San Diego about once per year, so if you’re located in SoCal and are interested in a session, let’s chat! I am also available to travel pretty much anywhere else for both weddings and family sessions, and would love to talk more about visiting your hometown and making some gorgeous photos. 

P.P.S. I recently launched a family photography publication with some dear friends of mine called Haven. It’s full of beautiful images and heartfelt stories and it’s all about celebrating the imperfectly wonderful chaos that is family. I’d love for you to check it out!

Need more convincing? Check out what my clients have to say, or get in touch with any questions you might have. And grab someone you love and let me take your picture.

To see more of my work and and a little more of my personal life (read: my kids), connect with me on Instagram (my fave) and Facebook.


Why Film? With every session, I shoot a portion on film and a portion digitally, so I refer to myself as a hybrid film photographer.

Each medium provides different benefits - film provides incredible skin tones, it handles intense light beautifully, it holds a timeless aesthetic that digital can never quite match, and it's truly my very favorite; digital, however, handles low light wonderfully, is incredibly cost-effective, provides me instant feedback, and allows me to take as many photos as I need to nail a shot when there are a large number of subjects, or just some very squirmy ones (hi, kids!). Much of what you see on my website is film, but not all of it.

Will you be able to tell which of your photos are film and which are digital? Unless you have a good deal of photography experience, the answer is very likely no - and it's not something I want you to need to think about. Your session will have a seamless feel, but will benefit from my use of both mediums.

Shooting hybrid allows me to be a better photographer and deliver the absolute best photos to my clients, every time.

I've been honored to have my photography featured on some incredible publications. See more of my work on The Fount Collective, 100 Layer Cakelet, Lemonade and Lenses, Fine Art Marriage, Haven, Borrowed + Blue, Beauty + Lifestyle Mommy, and SD Voyager Magazine.

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boise idaho family photographer
boise idaho family photographer
boise idaho family photographer