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Best money ever spent.
— Tenaya + Matt
...the most dreamy photos we’ve ever seen.
— Natalie + James
We will cherish these forever!
— Michelle

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A portion of every session goes to support Preemptive Love Coalition and the International Rescue Committee.


Booking a session with a photographer is a big deal for most people. You're investing time and money and possibly a bit of sanity, and if things don't go well it's kiiiiiind of a problem (understatement of the year right there). Will your kids behave? Will your clothes match, but not match too much? Where the heck will you do these photos? Will you LOOK GOOD for goodness' sakes or will you get back images that just make you cringe a little because you've got a surprise double chin that decided to join for your session or your smile is totally forced and your eyes look a little scared or possibly creepy? (Let's just say I have been known to skip sharing or printing photos where everyone else but me looks awesome for the simple fact that I didn't look awesome. I GET it.)

The thing is, I've got you covered. You're not in this process alone and I don't want it to bring stress to your lives - just happiness, and lots of it. I'm here to help throughout the entire process, from wardrobe and session styling, making you look as amazing in your photos as you are in real life (because really, you are!), getting photos or other products printed after your session, and everything in between. You don't need to know what you're doing - you just need to want amazing photos, and you can trust me with the rest.


What is a session itself like? First of all, we'll be going into it prepared. We will have spent plenty of time discussing location, wardrobe, and everything else, so nothing is going to be a surprise the day of. We'll spend roughly an hour and a half together. During that time I always make sure to get the traditional everyone-looking-at-the-camera portraits, because most clients want at least a couple of those, and it's something I value having of my own family! But most of the time we will spend having fun. Snuggling your significant other, playing with your children, etc. I give plenty of direction, but I want every pose to feel true to life, and the things I'm photographing to be authentic. And this is what really sets your photos apart from anyone else's photos - what is true to you will never be exactly what is true to anyone else. I don't want your photos to be like everyone else's but with different outfits and different faces; I want them to be uniquely you. 


If the session is in your home, we'll use whatever parts of it that we can - living room, kitchen, bedrooms, floor, windows, yard, a walk down your neighborhood street. Usually the best light in a home is morning or midday, but that varies and timing is very flexible. If we pick an outdoor location, we can choose an activity to incorporate (getting ice cream, or riding bikes, walking your dog, etc.), or we can simply pick a location you love because nature is always a great idea and never goes out of style. Outdoor sessions are generally best scheduled to begin about two hours before sunset for the prettiest light, but depending on the location we may have more flexibility than that. I can give plenty of ideas and guidance when choosing a location, but ultimately it's up to you and what feels right.


About 3 weeks after your session, I will deliver your fully edited images to you via an online gallery. Because I shoot film alongside my digital, this time is needed in order for the film to be processed at my lab in Utah and for the scans to be delivered to me. If there is any urgent need for photos ahead of that timeline (save the date, birth announcement, etc.) I am able to accommodate some requests by sending a few digital images ahead of schedule. Just talk to me! :)


Fully edited images are included with each session, along with a print release so that you can print your photos wherever you choose - because who doesn't like freedom and the promise of no hidden costs! ;) HOWEVER - I say this in all seriousness - I cannot recommend strongly enough that you budget an additional bit of money to print your photos, and that you purchase through me. Why, you ask? Here are a few reasons, as short and sweet as I can make it. ;)

  • Printed products help preserve your memories in a a tangible and immensely rewarding way - loose prints you browse in the evening, giant framed photos that give you warm fuzzies every time you pass them on your wall, albums you share with guests - whatever it is, your photos deserve more than just sitting on your computer. You have invested in creating great images, now do them justice and put them to work for you! They're not just for social media - they're for your home and for your family and for your soul.
  • Why purchase through me? Aren't I just being sneaky and trying to pry more money from your hands? Nope, promise. ;) Truly, the products I offer are far superior to anything you can purchase through a consumer lab (Shutterfly, Target, CVS, etc.). Believe me, before I was a photographer I had no idea what a difference the lab I printed through made, and I was always getting prints back that ranged from meh at best to downright ugly at worst. When you purchase from me you are receiving images printed from an incredible lab open only to professionals, the colors in your images will be perfect, and your products will last generations - seriously. I should also mention that I have a curated selection of the best products at a wide range of price points (velvet boxed prints anyone? linen albums?) so you have to filter through fewer cheesy gift items and bad album cover options and random products no one ever needs to see your face on, so you can get your products in your hands quickly and easily and with any assistance you need from me along the way.
  • Ordering through me is even easier than ordering anywhere else - really. I deliver files via a private online gallery that's already set up for you to order from, so there's no downloading, uploading to another site, and then placing an order. And, bonus, your gallery is prettier, simpler, and easier to use and order from than any consumer lab I've ever used. Promise! And with prints beginning at just $3 each, and no complicated packages to sort through, I really do mean that it's easy.

FULL SESSIONS {family, engagement, maternity, anniversary, senior, newborn, etc.} | $450 | 1.5 hours | 50+ edited images
Book a maternity + newborn session together to receive a discount - inquire for details.

MINI SESSIONS | $270| 20 minutes | includes 10 edited images with additional images available for purchase | though I recommend full sessions for the variety of images you receive and the storytelling nature of the session, mini sessions can be perfect when you just need something short and sweet. I now offer these year-round.

WEDDINGS | I absolutely love documenting vows! During this stage of raising three little ones, I am only taking on small weddings + elopements. If you are a couple who would rather keep your day simple and meaningful, and who doesn't want to be overwhelmed by excessive details or unrealistic expectations, but who values romance, commitment, and gorgeous photography, we might be a perfect fit! If your guest list is around 75 or fewer, and you're looking for one photographer and no frilly packages - just the most beautiful memories of an incredible day - send me a note. ;)

MENTORING | I have spent years learning, growing, and working as a photographer. I've invested time and money into my own education, and continue to do so, as I'm always, always striving to improve and be the best artist I can be. One of the most valuable resources you can invest in if you're on your own photography journey is a mentorship - getting one-on-one feedback and education is a complete game-changer. All of my mentoring packages are completely custom, based on your budget and your goals. If you're interested, let me know what you're looking for and I'll send you a custom quote!

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Small travel fees may apply to any locations over 30 minutes from Meridian, ID. I am available for limited travel and would love to chat more!