after the rain // idaho elopement and family photographer

Every time I’ve shot at the second location in this session, a wonderful, quiet spot in the foothills above Boise (the first is on the adorable, historic Harrison Blvd.), it has stormed in the late afternoon and then given way to the most glorious light I’ve ever seen - the bright golden sun setting below dark post-thunder clouds, bathing us and the mountainsides in a rare glow that doesn’t even quite feel real, with a warm wind stirring up the fresh smell of wet earth. Maybe this sounds melodramatic, especially compared to the mundane of my day-to-day laundry and lunch making and diaper changing, but that’s part of what makes it so powerful: when our hearts get bogged down with the endless To-Dos, even just a few moments soaking in the glory of nature reminds us of our place in it all, of the beauty that eclipses the strife of the everyday. Can you tell I don’t miss living in a big city?